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First Choice Mortgages - Budget Planner

Please complete the form below. If an item is paid jointly then add the figure to the joint column, otherwise complete the column for each of the applicants.

Please include your email address and a copy of the completed planner will be emailed to you.

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1st applicant2nd applicantJoint
Anticipated mortgage repayment £££
Shared ownership rent (if applicable) £££
Life assurance/critical illness protection £££
Payment protection/income protection £££
Private medical insurance £££
Ground rent/service charge (leasehold property) £££
Repaying any remaining credit/store card debts £££
Loan/HP payments £££
Maintenance/child support agency payments £££
Other committed outgoings, e.g. other mortgages on other properties, clearing CCJs £££
Electricity/gas/water £££
Council tax £££
Telephone/mobile/internet/TV licence/Sky/Cable £££
Car Insurance/road tax/servicing/AA, etc £££
Petrol/public transport £££
Supermarket shopping (food etc) £££
Clothes/shoes/beauty treatments £££
Pension, investment & savings premiums £££
Buildings/contents insurance £££
Any other insurance premiums (e.g. utilities, pet, travel) £££
School fees/child care/college fees £££
Music lessons/clothing, pocket money/school dinners/presents £££
Domestic help (cleaner/gardener etc) £££
Holidays/entertainment/nights out/birthdays/Christmas £££
Subscriptions (e.g. Gym, club memberships, hobbies) £££
Any other items not covered elsewhere £££
Total monthly net income££

Whether you are looking for the best deal on a residential mortgage, or if you are considering Life Cover, Critical Illness, Income Protection or a Healthcare Plan, we offer expert and impartial advice on the widest choice of products in the UK.