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Critical Illness

Critical Illness Cover


What is Critical Illness Insurance? Critical illness insurance can help you to cope with the kind of illnesses that can change the way you live the rest of your life. It pays you a tax free lump sum on diagnosis of any one of a wide range of specified illnesses including certain types of cancer, heart attack, stroke, brain tumour and many more. Diagnosis of such an illness would be a major trauma in your life, but you would still have to meet your financial commitments. Critical illness cover is also designed to help you pay for the things you need after diagnosis. This could mean changes to your home, a new car, or a permanent carer.

Remember, any life insurance you may have won't pay out unless you die or are diagnosed with an illness which will be terminal within 12 months.

Critical illness policies can vary greatly in the cover they offer. A basic plan covers the most serious conditions, but a comprehensive plan covers many more including loss of sight, total permanent disability and hearing loss.

For protection insurance we offer products from a range of providers.

Whether you are looking for the best deal on a residential mortgage, or if you are considering Life Cover, Critical Illness, Income Protection or a Healthcare Plan, we offer expert and impartial mortgage advice on the widest choice of products in the UK.